Girls Softball Batting Videos

Girls Softball Batting Tips and Techniques

Batting – some people consider this the “fun” part of softball. Every player dreams of hitting that grand slam home run and helping her team win the game. Great hitting isn’t luck, the best softball batters work at it all year long. I’ve gathered some informational videos that discuss how to help your players begin to master this crucial part of the game. You can also take a look at our Top 10 List of Best Fastpitch Softball Bats.

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Batting Stance, Grip and Swing Basics

Softball Hitting: Proper Grip, Stance and Swing

Great batting in softball begins withe grip, stance and swing. Some of the most important parts of hitting a softball happen before the bat ever touches the ball. The tips in this video show a player the keys to successful hitting. A softball coach explains the proper grip, the batting stance and bat position, as well as how to properly transfer weight in softball hitting.

Softball Batting Swing

Developing a good, natural, compact swing is important to being a successful softball batter. In this video National Champion coach Sue Enquist discusses how to get that compact swing that will give you so much power and control in the batters box.

Softball Hitting Mechanics – Developing a Short, Compact Swing

Slow Motion Softball Batters Swing

Watching a swing in slow motion can help you break down the techniques you should be using in batting. This video compares two different swings to show how small changes in your stance and body position during your swing can make a big difference in your batting average.

College Softball vs Team USA: Correct Lower Body Mechanics

College Fastpitch vs Team USA. The correct use of the lower body is crucial for extra power and correct hitting mechanics. This video will help you see how important the lower body is for power and proper hitting mechanics.

Softball Batting Arm Extension

One of the ways to get better bat speed and power is by using proper arm extension when hitting. In this video you’ll see where the arm extension should occur to offer maximum power to your swing.


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Girls Fastpitch Softball Hitting Drills

Some quick softball drills for beginners to help improve their hitting technique. See a “newbie” learn how to hit a fastpitch softball.

Fast Pitch Softball Hitting Drills with Crissy Rapp

On, noted college player and coach talks about the basic drills for fast pitch softball hitting.

Hitting Drills by Sue Enquist

Watch Sue Enquist demonstrate softball hitting drills. Video clip provided by Coaches Choice (


I liked this next set of drills because anyone on just about any budget can do these drills to help their hitters feel the proper body placement during hitting.

Essential Hitting Drills for Softball

These are the same drills he uses with his hitters at LSU. Assistant Coach for the 2012 USA Softball Elite Team, Howard Dobson, provides a thorough explanation  of how to correctly perform each drill – including any variations. He explains drills to work on every aspect of the swing working from the ground up, starting with the legs and moving on to the upper-body.

A great batting average in girls fastpitch softball doesn’t happen by accident or luck. It takes hours and hours of practice to become a great hitter. It also doesn’t rely solely on being a natural athlete. Any batter at any level can improve with proper knowledge and practice.  These few videos are just the tip of the iceberg in learning how to become a great batter.  You can also check out our list of Top 10 Fastpitch Softball Bats here.  Happy Hitting!

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