Softball Equipment for the Parents

Equipment for the Softball Parent


Don’t think only softball players need equipment. If you’ve ever attended a game you’ll be able to tell right away the parents who’ve been in the league a while and those who are out for the first time. The name of the parent’s game first and foremost is Comfort. You will sit through endless hours of practices and games so you need to be comfortable. Invest in a good quality sports chair (like a camping chair), stadium seat or both. I like to have both because the sports chair I can use anywhere and the stadium seat I can use at those fields that actually have decent bleachers.

Amazon Image Second is heating or cooling issues. There are two softball seasons each year where I live so we can have anywhere from 30 degree weather to upwards of 100+ degrees.  You may want to invest in a portable propane heater for the cold seasons and a good golf umbrella or easy-up type canopy for the hot months.

Amazon Image Third is transportation. A wheeled cooler is also standard issue around our fields. You’ll be transporting snacks, drinks, lunches etc. (sometimes for the whole team) and you’ll want to keep them all cool and easily transportable from the car to the field.  My favorite new investment is a canvas wheeled wagon. It folds down flat to about 8 inches, is lightweight and only costs about $50.  It has been a lifesaver to transport all the aforementioned gear to and from the field.  It also has big, rugged tires that move well across uneven ground.


Softball Swag

Amazon Image In addition to the actual gear your player (and you) will need there will be lots of opportunities to spend more money on what I like to call “Softball Swag”. This is anything from the spirit wear (t-shirts, hoodies, shorts etc.) that have the team name and logo on it to the cute little headbands, bracelets, socks etc. they sell at every tournament. This is fun and your player will be begging for some if not all of the above. Remember to budget a little in for this stuff but don’t buy what you can’t afford.  It also helps when your player gets on a team and stays with them for several seasons. Then you can buy a little swag at a time and not break the bank.

Go Slow

We have a lot of gear accumulated over many years of softball.  We started out small with the minimum investment until we figured out whether our players were going to continue in the sport or not. I would suggest creating a sinking fund for softball where you put aside a little money each month, even when it’s not softball season, and then when new equipment or training needs come up you’ll have the money to take care of them. Don’t forget to ask around, look at resale shops and online sales to find good, inexpensive equipment to start out and then upgrade as the need and funds arise.


Most Important

Have fun! The sport should be a fun, family activity that everyone enjoys at least a little bit. All the team spirit wear, headbands, jewelry, crazy socks, gear and embroidered bat bags are part of the culture.  That means they can add to the overall softball experience but are by no means necessary to have a good time and learn a lot from the sport.



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